Spoken Word #1

Spoken Word #1

I write the spoken words as a type of outlet

Wear my heart on my sleeve call it an emotional outfit

Sometimes I feel so much anger inside

And I don’t know if it’s righteous or if it’s just pride

And I honestly I don’t even want to let it go

Instead I want to hold on to it I want to let it grow

But I hide it cause I don’t want anyone to know

So to your face I put on the perfect Christian show

Eventually me and my anger will come toe to toe

And I must choose who’s gonna take the final blow

Will forgiveness or anger be the one that rules my life

Will I use the gospel for love or to wield my vengeful knife

See Forgiven people forgive and hurt people hurt

Forgiven people restore and hurt people treat you like dirt

So which of these do I want to be

Because as a Christian I say Jesus has forgiven me

But am I truly living in that reality

Or will my anger cause a spiritual fatality

Sometimes as Christians we take our self righteous brush and we paint to broadly

Because The truth is sometimes anger truly is godly

Cause a good God would be angry to see children being abused

A good God would be angry to see women being sexually used

But instead of getting angry at the broken world we get angry at God

And we put on this angry macho man facade

We say God where are you? Acting as if we could do a better job

But If I was in control I would run this world like the mafia or the mob

If you’re against me than it’s off with your head

The issue with that mentality is that we would all be dead

At one point or another we’ve all been against God cause we all want to be kings

And we chase after what’s precious to us like Gollum in Lord of the rings

So maybe my angry emotion isn’t bad it’s just in the wrong place

Instead of getting angry that I’m in traffic I should get angry when Christians refused to show grace

Out of righteous anger Jesus did flip tables

Out of righteous anger Jesus did destroyed stigmatizing labels

He freed the oppressed and he humbled the elite

And he called some a brood of vipers but others he washed their feet

His anger wasn’t fueled by selfish desire but instead to do God’s will

See Jesus life shows that anger can be righteous or it’s something that can kill

If you’re angry at anything be angry at the sin that caused it all

Be angry that we are still cursed by the fall

Be angry that some people Satan did deceive

But rejoice in the fact that the rest of us believe

That eventually the world God will be perfectly restore

Eventually sin death and pain will be no more

So if your anger isn’t righteous dear brother repent

Humbly ask for forgiveness from the Son that was sent

Allow Him to atone for you so you can go where he went

When the Bible say righteous anger live like Jesus is what it meant

Stand up for those who can’t stand up for them self

Refuse to let the poor be oppressed by those with wealth

If love is what we want to reap then love is what must be sown

So we love people with the love that Jesus Christ has shown

Patiently waiting for the day that we all bow before his Holy throne

Until then angry at the curse of sin and love for each other is how we choose to be known