Sermons from November 2016

Sermons from November 2016


People defect from the faith primarily for two reasons: deceived by the pleasures of sin and disillusioned by the pain of suffering. The power of God�s promises breaks the power of sin�s promises and suffering�s perplexities. God is a promise making and promise keeping God!


It�s not the size of your faith but the object of your faith that matters most. Strong faith in a weak object is fatally inferior to a weak faith in a strong object. Get to know the object of your faith (Jesus) and your trust (Certainty) will grow. (Heb11:1; Ps9:9-10; Rom10:17)


Romans 12:1-8 Fullness of Life and Full devotion to Christ are one in the same pursuit. When we urge people to become fully devoted followers of Christ we are inviting them to a full life of being a character in & a carrier of the great story of redemption through our Savior Jesus with infinite and eternal implications. God is not in the way of your happiness. He is your…