Sermons from April 2016

Sermons from April 2016


We are worshipers by nature and when we worship created things more the than the Creator it sets us up inevitably for inordinate anxiety, anger and depression. Our mission at db for 25 years has been to help unchurched people to relocate their ultimate love, hope and trust away from created things onto the Creator. Nothing will heal your heart, free your soul and fortify…


You can live 40 days w/o food, just a few days w/o water, 4-6 min w/o O2, but not a single second w/o hope. Human beings are unavoidably hope based creatures. How you live in the present is inevitably shaped by what you believe about your future. You can�t avoid that! Hope in the bible is not �wishful thinking� but it is �confident joyful expectation�.


Research indicates that there is little correlation between the circumstances of people�s lives and how happy they are. Yet, when people respond to the question �Why aren�t you happy?� they tend to focus on their current difficult circumstances. Your circumstances actually matter far less to your happiness than you think.