Sermons from November 2015

Sermons from November 2015

Gospel Character 1

In the first half of chapter 5, we learned that Christian freedom gives us a whole new motivation for living. In normal religion, the motivation for morality is fear and/or pride. In gospel Christianity, the motivation is a heart captivated by Christ�s love (5:6, 14). In this passage we learn how to grow in character through this new dynamic of love.

The Freedom of the Gospel

If salvation is a gift from God by grace through faith in Christ Jesus then what incentive do I have to live a holy life? If you can�t earn your salvation by your behavior, and can�t �un-earn� it by your behavior than what would motivate you to obey God? It is the Freedom of the Gospel that gives us life changing incentive and motivation to live a life wholly devoted to…

An Allegory of the Gospel

Non-Christians will tend hear gospel presentations as appeals to become a �nice person� rather than a �new person� unless we are clear in articulating the drastic difference between moralism and the Gospel. Even among Christians the default mode of our hearts is �moralism��that is, the idea that our performance determines how God feels about us. Unless we are actively…