Sermons from August 2014

Sermons from August 2014

Witness Stand

Our calling isn�t to be judge, jury or jailer but to be witnesses for Christ (Act1:8). For the Christian, all of life is a witness stand giving testimony of the Beauty and Glory of the person and Work of Christ Jesus (Act4:20).

Maturity Checkpoints

No one wants you to �love life and see good days� as much as your Father in Heaven wants for you! It�s not so much about what you possess or the absence of problems but the attitude that you bring to life. And that attitude has a lot to do with your character, conduct and convictions (spiritual maturity).

Good News

Mission Statement: Desert Breeze Community Church exists to provide a place where unchurched people can become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. (Jn10:10; 2Cor4:4, 11:3) Fullness of life = Full devotion to Christ!