Sermons from 2013

Sermons from 2013


Have you ever been so caught up in whatever season you are in, that you have found that your love has grown cold? How do you fight to have love flow through your veins and warm you again? In today’s passage from Revelation, we see that the church in Ephesus had abandoned the love they had at first. While Jesus lovingly walks among the churches and cares for her, he…


Because this world was made by a triune God, loving relationships with God & one another are what life is really all about. Loving relationships�especially within the family of God�are among our most powerful means of communicating the gospel.


How do you grow in your love for God and others, even to the point of loving your enemies? Plunging yourself consistently in the soul satisfying love of God through prayer. ]

Love Philanthropy

Love Philanthropy? You’re receiving so much love from God that you recklessly give it away without expecting anything in return. Christianity is a set of drastically transformed interrelated relationships with God, myself and others.