Sermons from July 2012

Sermons from July 2012


It’s a classic story and the ultimate upset! Stinky, puny, shepherd boy VS big, stinky, barbarian warrior giant. Our identity in God has everything to do with what we consider a risk for God.

Walking in the Light

It’s not walking in the light that makes us a Christian (being saved by what we do) but because we are Christians (being saved by what Christ has done for us) we will walk in the light.

New Lifestyle

You must no longer walk as unbelievers do (v17). Putting off the old self (v22) means you stop looking to anything other than God for your deepest satisfaction. Put on the new self (v24) means to make God your ultimate object of worship because He is our most satisfying reality. Be renewed in the spirit of your minds (v23) means living for God’s Glory motivated by…