Sermons from June 2012

Sermons from June 2012

New Self

One of the greatest things about Christianity is that it gives you the resources for radical life transformation. Everyone has something that they want to change about themselves unless of course they are deceiving themselves (1John1:8). In this passage we are able to see how this change comes about.

Inner Strength

If your inner life is strong then your outer life can be overcome but if your inner life is weak you’re headed for a wild ride. Your biggest problems aren’t external but internal. If you have the internal strength of the Holy Spirit you can face anything!

Don’t Lose Heart

‘So, I ask you not to lose heart’-(v13). When someone you love is suffering or you are suffering your heart can get taken out of you (Gr. to be utterly spiritless, to be wearied out, exhausted’you get cold, bitter, numb, cynical about life, feel like giving up). It can happen in general or in a specific area of your life i.e. marriage, finances, health,…