Sermons from May 2012

Sermons from May 2012

Youth Sunday

The Backdraft youth ministry is taking over the Sunday service and packing it full of testimonies, music, and a message from Youth Pastor, Ryan Davis. Be sure to check this one out as we celebrate what God is doing in our young people at DBCC!


It’s what you were created for, it’s what man lost but Christ restored, more than anything else God uses it to heal people, many think they have it but don’t, nothing will give you greater joy & spiritual vitality like it, riches are best measured by it and our need for it with people and the God who made us is to the human spirit what…


A sure sign God’s power is at work is when people outside the church who were enemies now inside the church are family. That’s Paul’s point in this text.


This is one of the richest texts in the Bible on what it means to be a Christian. Join us as we dive into the text and discover what it means to be truly alive!