Sermons from 2012

Sermons from 2012

Everlasting Father

Christmas is more than a baby in a manger. It is heaven invading earth so that earth can experience heaven. It is about “God with us” (Matt1:23). The Prophet Isaiah gives us further insight into what the impact of would have on our lives. Isa.9:6 says, “His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor (helps us with the dullness of life), Mighty God (helps…

Money Power

A postcard of the Grand Canyon is nothing compared to standing on its edge entranced by Beauty & Glory. Entranced by God’s beauty & glory in Worship is not only the best mood-altering drug but nothing will make you a more radically generous person.

Celebration Sunday

Yay God! Several people make their faith public through baptism, Pastor Ray presents the Gospel, we hear a powerful testimony of healing and God’s grace, and special musical performances from Surenda. Don’t miss this season’s Celebration Sunday!