Sermons on Salvation

Sermons on Salvation

New Creation: A Brand-New Life

2Cor 5:14-21 Everyone is building their identity on something. Our identity is what gives us meaning (What are you living for?) and worth (How well are you doing?). Identity apart from God is fundamentally unstable. Understanding our identity in Christ will give us an unshakable Identity of meaning and worth that all the success in this world can’t give you and all…

Practice of Righteousness

1John 3:4-10 Righteousness is a characteristic that is unmistakably important to the Christian life. Nevertheless, many professing believers misunderstand it, substituting it for other concepts and vice versa. One of 1 John’s primary purposes is communicating what righteousness is and what it looks like in our lives. In chapter 3 John takes on the subject unapologetically.

New Life

John 3:1-16 The Christian life is not about becoming a “NICE” person but about becoming a “NEW” person. It is not a morally restrained will (Self-improvement/Self-help/How-to) but a supernaturally transformed heart. The Christian life is not a call to morality and religion but a call to repent and believe in Christ Jesus (Mark1:15). It is about being Born-Again.