Sermons on Salvation

Sermons on Salvation

New Life

John 3:1-16 The Christian life is not about becoming a “NICE” person but about becoming a “NEW” person. It is not a morally restrained will (Self-improvement/Self-help/How-to) but a supernaturally transformed heart. The Christian life is not a call to morality and religion but a call to repent and believe in Christ Jesus (Mark1:15). It is about being Born-Again.

Do You Get It?

Luke 23:26-56 We have spent over a year in the Gospel of Luke and we are coming to the end of the book and to the climax of the story, the crucifixion, resurrection and the commissioning of Jesus Christ. It’s almost as if Luke is asking us, “I have given you all of this information about Christ, have you responded in such a way that it has brought transformation to your…

Why Jesus Died

Luke 22:1-34 To restore the loss of what is good, in a way that does not allow evil to win and provides complete satisfaction, not only for the loss, but for those who have suffered the loss, true forgiveness must include; the death of what is evil, the restoration of life and goodness through a sacrifice greater than that evil. The true currency of forgiveness is…


Luke 19:28-48 On his way to Jerusalem, Jesus brought salvation (Himself) to Zacheus. As a result, Zaccheus’ life changed as it began to line up with Christ and scripture (19:1-10). Having watched this shocking transformation, the pilgrim crowd began to form wrong ideas about Jesus and the work he would accomplish once he got to the city. To explain, Jesus shared with…