Sermons on The Gospel

Sermons on The Gospel

Live Ready

Luke 12:35-59 Jesus spent much of His ministry teaching His disciples about their ultimate future new location—the kingdom to come and their eternal citizenship in it. Our hope in the hereafter has practical application in the here and now. The Lord’s promised return is the Christian’s “Blessed Hope” (Titus2:13). The point of the Bible’s teaching on the second coming of…

I.W.G. Experiencing His Grace

Exodus 34:6-7 Intimacy with God is life’s most satisfying reality. Nothing can rob you of intimacy with God, except idolatry. Anything that captures your heart and imagination more than God is an idol. Idolatry is always the reason we ever do anything wrong. Idolatry isn’t one sin among many but the root of all of our sins. Idolatry is the sin beneath the sin. How do we…

Power to Change

Luke 11:14-32 One of the biggest obstacles to people coming to Christianity is that they think that they already know what it is all about. Non-Christians will typically hear gospel presentations as appeals to moralism unless we show them the stunning difference. Christianity isn’t a morally restrained will (moralism) but a supernaturally transformed heart (Gospel).


Luke 9:28-50 We believe that full devotion to Christ (Living for God’s Glory) and fullness of life (Our Satisfaction) are one in the same pursuit (John10:10b; Luke9:23-25). We were created by God, for God, to give glory to God (Rom11:36). God’s glory is best displayed in lives that are fully satisfied in Him (Phil1:20-21).

New Life

Luke 5:27-39 Jesus has just done something extraordinary in the presence of the religious leaders of Judaism (5:17). He had done what God alone can do (5:21). He had forgiven sins (5:20). In today’s passage, Jesus is going to effectually call a person named Levi to follow Him. Everyone would have agreed that Levi was in the group of the worst of the worst when it came to…