Sermons on Faith

Sermons on Faith

God’s Empowering Presence

Exodus 3:11-4:31 God never calls us into intimacy with Him (to bless us) without also sending us out to make an impact in this world (to be a blessing). He never sends us out without also giving us all that we need in Him. All that we need in Him almost always flows through obedience rooted in faith. When we consider what we have in Him, we have no excuses for not making…

An Encounter With God

Exodus 3:1-22 Moses believed in God, but it wasn’t until this encounter that God became a living spiritual reality to him. You cannot encounter the Creator of the Universe and remain the same! How do we encounter God (Bush), What happens when we encounter God (Fire), Why can we encounter God (Angel) and When do we know we have encountered God (Call)?

Mustard Seed Faith

Luke 17:1-37 Saving faith is truth about the person and work of Christ entering the head (content), igniting the heart (conviction), and outworking through the hands (commitment). Faith is not a feeling, a force or a formula, but fellowship (relationship) with God. It is a relationship where God becomes your ultimate security, significance and satisfaction in life and…


Luke 12:1-12 Jesus was involved in a very serious verbal fight with some key religious leaders. As he tried to move on, the leaders pressed and provoked him to keep fighting so that they might catch him. Chaos erupted. In the midst of all this commotion, Jesus stops to share with His disciples some extremely important warnings and encouragements. May we take these to…