Sermons on Community

Sermons on Community


Luke 14:1-35 Desert Breeze is a place where strangers become friends and friends become family (Home). What is home? Home is not just a structure but a shelter from the stormy blast of life. It’s a place of love, laughter and learning. It’s a place where you can truly just be yourself and feel you belong. This world is cold, draining and stressful but home is warm,…

True Community

Luke 6:12-36 The life change and the influence in culture that God most longs for, best happens through Christians in True Community. These are people who are not just checking the church box on weekends and getting lost in the crowd but are getting into small groups, meeting in homes and enjoying meals together and talking about real life issues as they listen, love,…

Silence and Solitude

Mark 1:35-39 It is unhealthy to always want people around, and unhealthy to rarely want them around. All of us are inclined to one extreme or the other. Without solitude we are active but shallow. Without fellowship we can be deep, but stagnant. Christlikeness requires both. Silence and solitude is learning how to take a break from the chaos of life to behold the glory of…


A person who has been saved by the grace (unmerited favor and divine enablement) of God is going to grow in degrees of godliness (Phil. 1:6; 1 Tim. 4:7) and put their relationship with God in a position to THRIVE. This is done through the nourishment of disciplining oneself by the power of the Holy Spirit rightly motivated to do the spiritual disciplines.