Sermons on Life

Sermons on Life

Soul Keeping- Two Ways

Psalm 139 Everyday we manage our image in an attempt to gain what we all want- authentic relationships and unconditional love. What would you give for a relationship where all pretense is stripped away and you are fully known and fully loved? Is that even possible? What would you do if you found it? It’s the idea behind this sermon series and the book of Psalms, your soul…

Resting in God

Psalm 91 What are your greatest fears? In a fallen world it’s easy to be overwhelmed by fear, worry and anxiety. Mass shootings are becoming more frequent, drug overdoses are epidemic, add to that the bereavement of family and friends dying, the battling of serious illness, relational betrayal and financial reversal and you’ve got the making of a nervous breakdown.

Abandoned by God

Psalm 13 Have you ever felt abandoned by God? Feeling abandoned by God is more common than most people want to admit. The reason we’re not quick to admit it is because we’re afraid most of our friends would shake their heads and wonder if we’re a Christian. David is a giant in Scripture, a person “after God’s own heart” (1 Sam13:14), yet we find David talking about…

AGF My Fearfulness

Abounding Grace for my… “FEARFULNESS” (Psalm 23:4a) “Our emotions tell us our values and evaluations. Our emotions tell us what we really believe. Therefore, not even fear, worry, and anxiety can be attributed to something that happens to us. The Bible leaves us no room for debate. The source of fear, worry, and anxiety is unbelief. When we fail to believe that God is…