'spiritual' Tagged Sermons

'spiritual' Tagged Sermons

Joy in Loneliness

Philippians 1:3-11 Relationships are not a luxury but a necessity for our emotional and spiritual wellbeing (Gen2:18). Our sinful tendency is anonymity and individuality. Anonymity is not wanting anyone to know your struggles (Fear) and individuality is not wanting anyone’s help (Pride). Most people fight their battles alone and keep their interior world private, even in…

Fight the Good Fight

1Timothy 6:11-21 There is a violent side to living the Christian life. Spiritual growth is not for the timid. You must not only aggressively nurture a heart for Jesus but also a hatred toward sin. The only possible attitude toward sin is a declaration of all-out war. Don’t just bellyache about your struggles with sin (pride, anger, envy, lust, gluttony, slothfulness,…


James 5:1-6 How you think, feel and handle wealth is a test that reveals the spiritual state of your heart. The wealthy are those who have more than they need to live. It is not sinful to possess the blessings of wealth, but it is a sin to take that which is a blessing from God and misuse it for our own ends. The more you have the more you are in danger of misusing it.


James 3:1-12 The quality and content of your words tell you a lot about your spiritual condition, the health of your soul. Most of the hurt in our lives have come from the words that we have spoken and the words that have been spoken to us. We live in a day and time of social media where words abound.