'Joy' Tagged Sermons

'Joy' Tagged Sermons

Serve: The Unashamed Worker

2 Timothy 2 “All Christians are but God’s stewards. Everything we have is on loan from the Lord, entrusted to us for a while to use in serving Him.” (John MacArthur) We are not called to serve God with a frustrated sense of obligation. Instead, we are called to serve Him with a heart of joy, in awe that we get to play a part in His magnificent story. True service will…


James 2:1-13 James teaches us that when you are saved by Christ, you are not only cleansed of your sin but you also have been given the power to mature in Christ-likeness through a process. In other words, true faith will always produce real fruit. In his pointed and straightforward style, James tells us that this forging of maturity is done through many trials of…


Mark 14:32-35 | Mark 14:27, 50 | John 11:25-26 Easter at Desert Breeze-2017 Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection not only give us a model but also a means to get through days of pain and perplexity and RISE into days of JOY!