'gospel' Tagged Sermons

'gospel' Tagged Sermons

Glorious Gospel

1Timothy 1:12-20 Nothing can transform a human heart, heal a wounded soul, fill you with meaning, hope and happiness, turn hatred into love, bring about forgiveness, reconciliation and peace like the Gospel. (Rom1:16) The Gospel is not the ABC’s of the Christian faith but the A to Z. It’s not just the way we become a Christian but also the way we grow as a Christian.…


John 1:10-13 Advent is about the arrival of life in the midst of death. Life is one of the major themes of John’s gospel, where the word is used thirty six times. When it comes to this subject, we all know that it is possible to be alive, and yet not really have life in its fullest and truest sense. This true life is what we were made for.

Ephesians- Unity in Christ

Ephesians 1:10, 2:13, 3:6 The letter is written by Paul while in prison and is addressed to the church in the city of Ephesus. The first 3 chapters explores the story of the Gospel and how Jesus created a multi-ethnic community of followers united through Him. The second half explores how the gospel story effects the way we live every part of our lives. The hope for today…

Generous Hearts and Hands

Exodus 34-36 Generosity isn’t something that God wants FROM US, but something he wants FOR US. He wants us to be so consumed with His Glory that we move instinctively in gratitude with Generous Hearts and Hands to a world of need around us. A heart that truly understands the gospel overflows with gratitude and generosity. If you don’t feel that way, then you probably…


Luke 19:28-48 On his way to Jerusalem, Jesus brought salvation (Himself) to Zacheus. As a result, Zaccheus’ life changed as it began to line up with Christ and scripture (19:1-10). Having watched this shocking transformation, the pilgrim crowd began to form wrong ideas about Jesus and the work he would accomplish once he got to the city. To explain, Jesus shared with…

Power to Change

Luke 11:14-32 One of the biggest obstacles to people coming to Christianity is that they think that they already know what it is all about. Non-Christians will typically hear gospel presentations as appeals to moralism unless we show them the stunning difference. Christianity isn’t a morally restrained will (moralism) but a supernaturally transformed heart (Gospel).