'Church' Tagged Sermons

'Church' Tagged Sermons

Love Like Family

1Timothy 5:1-25 “We live in a time when people go to a building on Sunday mornings, attend an hour-long service, and call themselves members of the Church. But have you ever read the New Testament? Do you find anyone who “went” to church? The fact that we have reduced the sacred mystery of church to a one-hour service we attend is staggering. Something that God has…

Dedicated Leadership

1Timothy 3:1-13 We have a leadership crisis in our world today. There is a major disparity between power and character. Those in power are not necessarily up to the task of discharging their responsibilities to the benefit of those they lead because of their lack of character. A church (family/nation/organization) rises or falls upon its leadership (Matt10:24-25)!

Doctrine Matters

1Timothy 1:1-11 Jesus said, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” –(Matt16:18) There is not a more exciting, compelling, fulfilling adventure this side of eternity than being a part of a Biblically functioning community that is redeeming, rebuilding and renewing people’s lives. This series will teach us, the church, how to become…

True Community

Luke 6:12-36 The life change and the influence in culture that God most longs for, best happens through Christians in True Community. These are people who are not just checking the church box on weekends and getting lost in the crowd but are getting into small groups, meeting in homes and enjoying meals together and talking about real life issues as they listen, love,…