Sermons by Ray Davis

Sermons by Ray Davis

In the Beginning

John 1:1-18 There is a life in Christ that all the success in this world can’t give you and all the suffering in this world can’t take from you (John10:10). The only way to experience this life is by believing in Jesus Christ. Belief is truth about the person and work of Jesus entering the head (content), igniting the heart (conviction) and outworking through the hands…

Overview of John

John 20:27-31) Unbelief is at the root of all our problems! Whenever you are terribly anxious, angry, or depressed or struggling with pride and/or idolatry it’s because at that moment you’ve forgotten who the God of the Bible is, or you’ve never really known Him. There is nothing more powerful and practical than to know the God of the Bible intimately through His Son…

Joy in Anxiety

Philippians 4:1-9 Anxiety issues in our modern times are out of control. The key to finding joy (peace) in anxiety is learning how to apply cosmic (eternal) principles to common (temporal) places through spiritual disciplines. You must get good at applying who Christ is and what He has done for you specific to where your heart is most restless.