Vintage Jesus - The Jesus Most People Miss

Vintage Jesus - The Jesus Most People Miss

His Second Coming

The Lord�s promised return is the Christian�s blessed hope (Titus 2:13), yet the time of Jesus� return and the manner in which he will come are highly debated issues. Studies of the events of His return are called studies of the �last things,� or �eschatology.� The most important question is, �How should we live in light of Christ�s return?�

Why Did He Die

The Bible is not so much a set of disconnected stories giving us life lessons on what we must DO to be right with God, but it is a single story of what God has DONE through His Son to make us right with Him. At the heart of that story is the death of His Son. Why Did Jesus Die? So that we could be justified by grace through faith in Him! If you have this, it�s the end…

How Did He See the Bible?

Christians believe the Bible is God�s Word because Jesus believed it. He didn�t simply believe the Bible but His life was saturated with it. If we believe he was who he said he was, then we must accept the entire Bible as God�s word. We can�t take on his Lordship and not have the same heart for Scripture that Jesus had. I believe in the bible b/c I believe in Jesus and I…