Unshakable Identity

Unshakable Identity


Over the centuries church “membership” has become less like what God intended and more like what quenches our earthly desires. Culturally “being a member” is more relative to a “club” that serves its customers, offering narrowly defined enjoyments, a singular identifying label and limited benefits that can expire. On the contrary, God’s vision for church membership is…

Alive: Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Eph 5:15-21 Imagine having courage to face anything, joy beyond circumstances, edifying and healing relationships, a perpetual song in your heart and a life abounding with thanksgiving and loving service to others. Sound too good to be true? The Spirit-filled life is the most amazing life you could ever hope or dream to live this side of heaven!

Adopted: Beloved by the Father

Romans 8:12-17 It doesn’t make sense that Almighty God would have children characterized by inordinate anxiety, anger and hopelessness. Chronic inordinate emotions in a believer is often the result of Gospel amnesia. To the degree you remember and relish who God is, who you are as his child, and what you have been given by His grace is to the degree you will experience…

New Creation: A Brand-New Life

2Cor 5:14-21 Everyone is building their identity on something. Our identity is what gives us meaning (What are you living for?) and worth (How well are you doing?). Identity apart from God is fundamentally unstable. Understanding our identity in Christ will give us an unshakable Identity of meaning and worth that all the success in this world can’t give you and all…