The God You Long For

The God You Long For

Is Wise

If you are going to endure hardship you must see the loving WISE control of God. Peace is confidence in God’s loving WISE control of my life. Counterfeit of peace is indifference, apathy or not caring. Opposite of peace is anxiety and worry that God isn’t going to get it right.

Is Love

Could an observer learn from the way you love others anything at all about the sacrificial love of God for you? Most have a very simple & shallow view of God’s love. When God’s love for you goes from concept (head) to reality (heart) it is indeed heaven on earth in which the spiritually underfed are alien to.

Is Holy

We fight many battles in life’relational, financial, physical, etc. How can we win against all odds? The Promise land was to the Israelites what fullness of life (holiness) is to us. When God calls you to be holy because He is holy (1Pet.1:16) you are being called to do what will bring you the deepest & most durable joy.

Is Everywhere

God is closer than you think and is more eager to connect with you than you could ever dream. It’s not God but us who needs to show up amid the clutter. The invitation to ‘taste and see the Lord is good’ is for you.

Is Triune

Great theology leads to healthy psychology producing soul satisfying doxology. That God is triune is a mystery and the mysteries of God are not meant to be conquered but to be celebrated. The term Trinity is not found in the Bible but the concept is clearly there and the implications are stunningly beautiful.