Soul RX

Soul RX


This Psalm teaches us how to handle anything in life. The reason we are overcome by life�s trauma, trials and temptations is because in the content of our self-talk we forget the Gospel (His benefits).

God’s Word

Nothing overcomes apathy for the Word of God like an appetite for the God of that Word. The more you are overwhelmed by the relentless love of God for you, the more you will be relentless in your love for Him & His Word.


Contentment! Everyone wants it, very few find it, the billion dollar add industry preys on our lack of it, poor men are rich with it, rich men are poor without it and it can only ultimately be found in the Good Shepherd.


Our psalm today is called a �song of ascent� or a �pilgrim song�. These songs (Ps. 120-135) were sung together with the people of God as they journeyed to Jerusalem, to take part in the Jewish feasts. Each Psalm has a theme. Psalm 130 is about Hope (waiting). In this song, the psalmist goes from the depths of despair to the mountain of hope in eight verses. It is such a…

Make War

There is a popular saying within the sports community that says, �Defense wins championships�. Find out what Psalm 144 has to say about going to war with our enemy!


How can you know God is leading and guiding you? It is a contradiction to accept Christ as an Atoning Savior but reject Him as an Authoritative Counselor. Psalm 25 is less about how God guides and more about the kind of person He guides. It�s a person who wants the Guide more than the Guidance!


he absolutely best part of being a Christian is intimacy with the Infinite! There�s nothing more soul satisfying and life liberating than to live in fellowship (friendship, relationship, intimacy) with the Creator and Sustainer of the Heavens and the Earth!


Experiencing God is much more than head knowledge and obedience; it’s about a personal encounter with the awesome God of the universe. Join us as Worship Pastor Ryan Cook walks through Psalm 34 as we continue through our Soul RX series.