Recovering AWE - A Study Through Ecclesiastes

Recovering AWE - A Study Through Ecclesiastes

Bottom Line

Ecclesiastes 12:9-14 In these last six verses in the O.T. book of Ecclesiastes, King Solomon the wisest, wealthiest and most powerful man who ever lived gives us the “Bottom Line” to one of life’s most important questions: What is the Meaning of Life? It is a question you can’t afford to get wrong because you’re betting your life and destiny on it!

To Life!

We can observe two key realities when we look at life under the sun. First, the reality of death is inevitable. Secondly, life can be confusingly unpredictable. How are we to make sense of this in our lives and live in the middle of it all? In the center of the unpredictability of life and the inevitability of death God wisely commands us to something. The conclusion…


If you have a relationship with God and walk with Him over time you will more and more put off folly and put on wisdom. Wisdom is seeing and responding to life from God�s perspective. Your perspective about the events in life will not only determine how you feel about those events but also how you will respond to those events (Pro23:7 NASB).


We live in a society that defines wealth as�How much money you make? What neighborhood you live in? How big your house is? What kind of car do you drive? �When our contentment is in Christ, it�s as durable as he is dependable. When our happiness is in Christ, we can�t lose our happiness, because we can�t lose Christ.� (Phil4:10-13) �Randy Alcorn �Happiness�


We are worshipers by nature and when we worship created things more the than the Creator it sets us up inevitably for inordinate anxiety, anger and depression. Our mission at db for 25 years has been to help unchurched people to relocate their ultimate love, hope and trust away from created things onto the Creator. Nothing will heal your heart, free your soul and fortify…