Rules for Prayer

Our concept of God not only determines how we will relate to Him but also what we reveal about Him to others. These rules for prayer don�t earn or merit God�s attention. Christ�s indispensible and costly love on the cross has done that. They reveal whether you are praying to the real God of the Bible or a figment of your imagination. �

How to Pray

We can pray because God is our loving Father, Christ is our mediator giving us access to the throne of the universe, and the Spirit Himself indwells us (Eph2:18). Learning how to pray is about learning the heart and art of prayer. �

Revive Your Passion

�The driving force behind all great music, art, literature, drama, architecture and even great athletic performances is PASSION. Nothing great is ever accomplished without PASSION. Nothing great is ever sustained without PASSION. PASSION is what makes us come alive, vibrant, active, and creative. PASSION is what turns ordinary people into extraordinary. Nothing will…

Encountering God

�Prayer is conversation with God. However, conversations can remain mere exchanges of information that do not lead to true personal encounter and relationship. We don�t just want to know about God, but to know God, to seek his face and presence. �

Conversing with God

�Prayer is an instinct, a gift, a conversation, an encounter with God�a foretaste of heaven on earth. Prayer is a continuation of a conversation God started. Since prayer is our reply to God, we need to explore how He first speaks and how we can learn to answer Him. �


When believers live in the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit the evidence in their lives will be supernatural. The church can�t help but be more beautiful and the world can�t help but be more attracted.� — Francis Chan (Forgotten God) �