Spiritual Warfare Pt.2

Satan doesn’t leave fang marks on your flesh but lies in your heart to distort your view of God through temptation & accusation. Without your spiritual armor you are a pawn in the devil’s game!

Spiritual Warfare Pt.1

If Jesus came to give us fullness of life (Jn10:10) why is my life anything but that? IT’S A WAR…the thief comes to kill, steal & destroy! If the devil can’t get you to go to hell he will bring as much hell into your life he can to make you miserable minimizing your impact.

Walking in the Light

It’s not walking in the light that makes us a Christian (being saved by what we do) but because we are Christians (being saved by what Christ has done for us) we will walk in the light.

New Lifestyle

You must no longer walk as unbelievers do (v17). Putting off the old self (v22) means you stop looking to anything other than God for your deepest satisfaction. Put on the new self (v24) means to make God your ultimate object of worship because He is our most satisfying reality. Be renewed in the spirit of your minds (v23) means living for God’s Glory motivated by…

New Self

One of the greatest things about Christianity is that it gives you the resources for radical life transformation. Everyone has something that they want to change about themselves unless of course they are deceiving themselves (1John1:8). In this passage we are able to see how this change comes about.