Gospel in Life

Gospel in Life

Celebration Sunday

Yay God! Several people make their faith public through baptism, Pastor Ray presents the Gospel, we hear a powerful testimony of healing and God’s grace, and special musical performances from Surenda. Don’t miss this season’s Celebration Sunday!


Justification leads to Justice. Justification = God accepts you through Christ therefore you will live as you should. Justice = is being a Good Samaritan who meets needs through loving deeds.


We worship our work, work at our play & play at our worship until we encounter Christ & all of life becomes worship including work & play. In other words God wants us to live life to its fullest in every area of life and that includes work.


The theme of Jesus’ preaching and ministry is the good news of the kingdom reign. Jesus goes to a mountain and sits down with His disciples and teaches them in front of a diverse crowd of followers, what it means to live in this kingdom.


People tend to think that there are two ways to relate to God’to follow Him and do His will or to reject Him and do your own thing. But, there are three ways to relate to God: religion, irreligion and the gospel.


It’s 6th Cent BC & God’s people have been humiliated in war, torn from the Promise Land & living in exile in the beautiful & brutal city of Babylon. What do you do when dreams are shattered & all hope is gone? How do you live in a culture that is hostile to your beliefs & values?