Cross Fit

Cross Fit

The Art of War

The more mature you become in the faith the more you realize that life is a battleground more than a playground. We have three enemies: Sin (nature), Society (values) & Satan (demonic influence) (Eph2:1-3).

Leadership 101

Leadership is about influence. Whether you are a CEO, teacher, parent, or friend you will lead (influence) others either directly or indirectly for good or bad. What kind of leader (influencer) are you? (Matt18:1-6)

Fiery Trials Pt.3

Life is a fiery furnace that can either burn you to a crisp or refine you as pure gold. Two people can go through similar circumstances with totally opposite responses. The same sun that hardens the clay melts the wax. It�s not the Sun but it�s the internal chemical structure of each substance. What are you made of? Daniel3:16-18

Bucket List

Living in light of eternity isn’t something we do naturally. Most of us don’t give death much thought until we lose someone close to us or have a close brush with it. How would you live if you knew you were going to die within the next year?

Armed & Dangerous

To be an armed and dangerous Christian is to be so equipped, fortified & prepared with the Gospel to not only face the challenges of life and not fail in times of crisis but to do some major damage to the kingdom of darkness by kicking down the gates of hell not just in your life but also in the lives of others (Matt16:13-19).


The gospel is about us being rescued from our worst-case scenario not just in the temporal but more importantly the eternal (John3:16). The more you see your dire condition without Christ (worst-case scenario) & the magnitude of His provision (Crucifixion, Resurrection & Ascension), the more you’ll experience life-changing joy (Proclamation)! (1Pet1:8)


Jewish Christian believers were being persecuted for being Christians. Some wanted to return to Judaism, knowing they would not be persecuted. They thought that going back to worshiping God as they did in Judaism, would still be considered true worship. Hebrews is a sermon from a pastor warning them of the devastation of this, and encouraging them to keep fighting the…

Witness Stand

Our calling isn�t to be judge, jury or jailer but to be witnesses for Christ (Act1:8). For the Christian, all of life is a witness stand giving testimony of the Beauty and Glory of the person and Work of Christ Jesus (Act4:20).

Maturity Checkpoints

No one wants you to �love life and see good days� as much as your Father in Heaven wants for you! It�s not so much about what you possess or the absence of problems but the attitude that you bring to life. And that attitude has a lot to do with your character, conduct and convictions (spiritual maturity).