Crazy Busy

Crazy Busy

Rhythm or Blues

If you don�t rest yourself you�ll eventually wreck yourself. There is a kind of weariness even when you rest and a kind of rest even when you are exerting energy. The rest we need is both body and soul.

Panic Parenting

We live in an age where the future happiness and success of our children trumps all other concerns. It is a time where most parents are in a panic to give their children more options and opportunities than ever before. Has parenting become more complicated than it needs to be?

First Things First

If you�re going to go from burnout to balance you must do first things first because you can�t do it all and time is running out. Unlike money, time cannot be stored and yesterday�s time is gone forever and will never come back. Time is one of our most precious resources.

Messiah Complex

The more you understand the significance of God completely giving His life for you, the more you can�t help but want to completely live your life for Him. How do you find balance between doing nothing and doing everything?