Certainty... In A World of Doubt (Page 6)

Certainty... In A World of Doubt (Page 6)

Greatest Gift

God had promised His people the greatest gift that could be given to mankind. He had promised a seed/offspring who would be their forever King and Savior. At great cost he would give them himself. The time had finally come for his arrival. Luke most likely interviews Mary herself for this true and world changing story.


People defect from the faith primarily for two reasons: deceived by the pleasures of sin and disillusioned by the pain of suffering. The power of God�s promises breaks the power of sin�s promises and suffering�s perplexities. God is a promise making and promise keeping God!


It�s not the size of your faith but the object of your faith that matters most. Strong faith in a weak object is fatally inferior to a weak faith in a strong object. Get to know the object of your faith (Jesus) and your trust (Certainty) will grow. (Heb11:1; Ps9:9-10; Rom10:17)