Braveheart- Courage in a World of Compromise

Braveheart- Courage in a World of Compromise

People Without Hearts

In some ways, the end of Samson is the end of the Judges story. The earlier passages give us a bird�s-eye view of things, only saying that the people �did evil in the eyes of the Lord� (3:7, 12; 4:1; 6:1; 10:6; 13:1). The last four chapters of Judges give us a ground-level, detailed view of what life was like in Israel�the kind of spiritual condition God rescued them from…

Unsafe People

Have you ever given your best in a relationship and gotten the worst in return? Deep relational wounds can certainly diminish our sense of security and personal value. But even worse we tend to repeat the same mistakes of judgment over and over again or we build an impenetrable wall around our hearts to keep everyone out. Either way we and those closest to us lose. How do…

Who’s Eyes Matter?

What is the absolutely best thing about the Christian life? It is discovering and enjoying the presence of God! Today we meet a couple who encounter the presence of God and their lives are never the same. The more you hang out in the throne room of the powerful and personal King of the Universe, the more you�ll be satisfied and the less you�ll be intimidated by life.

True Repentance

On 4th of July alone, Americans consume 150 million hot dogs. Cheap hot dogs are a very little bit of meat & a whole lot of additives that are not good for you. Our next Judge (Jephthah) is a lot like many American Christians who have a very little bit of the meat of Christian faith with a whole lot of really bad additives from our culture poisoning their lives.