Sermons on Romans

Sermons on Romans

Adopted: Beloved by the Father

Romans 8:12-17 It doesn’t make sense that Almighty God would have children characterized by inordinate anxiety, anger and hopelessness. Chronic inordinate emotions in a believer is often the result of Gospel amnesia. To the degree you remember and relish who God is, who you are as his child, and what you have been given by His grace is to the degree you will experience…


Rom1:25, 28-32 It’s not what happens to me (circumstances) but what happens in me (character) that either makes me or breaks me in life. Character is about spiritual maturity (Christ-likeness). A student’s character becomes like his teacher (Luke 6:40). It’s God’s amazing GRACE that transforms my HEART and produces Godly CHARACTER.


Romans 12:1-8 Fullness of Life and Full devotion to Christ are one in the same pursuit. When we urge people to become fully devoted followers of Christ we are inviting them to a full life of being a character in & a carrier of the great story of redemption through our Savior Jesus with infinite and eternal implications. God is not in the way of your happiness. He is your…