Sermon Archive (Page 3)

Sermon Archive (Page 3)

Test the Spirits

1John 4:1-6 It is not always easy to know who you can trust. It is not always easy to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys as the movies would lead you to believe. Truth and error are not as obvious as we would like them to be primarily because Satan masquerades as an angel of light (2Cor11:14). The battle field is our minds and what we believe (2Cor4:4, 11:3-4).…

Love in Deed and Truth

1John 3:11-24 The Bible is very clear that everyone is in one of only two families. You are either in the family of the Devil or the family of God (John 8:35-47). We are born into this world as children of the Devil, but we must be born again to be children of God. In our pluralistic world that is not very politically correct, but it is very Biblically true, and the…

Practice of Righteousness

1John 3:4-10 Righteousness is a characteristic that is unmistakably important to the Christian life. Nevertheless, many professing believers misunderstand it, substituting it for other concepts and vice versa. One of 1 John’s primary purposes is communicating what righteousness is and what it looks like in our lives. In chapter 3 John takes on the subject unapologetically.

Don’t Love the World

1John 2:15-17 If we as Christians do not change from the inside-out—we are tempted to find external methods to satisfy our need to feel that we are different from those outside the faith. Boundary-Marker Spirituality is highly visible, relatively superficial practices that allow people to distinguish who is an insider and who is an outsider of the Family of God. Even…