Our Theology Shapes Our Experience

Our Theology Shapes Our Experience

Experience shouldn’t shape our theology (the study of God) , but our theology will shape our experience, leading to doxology (the worship of God). If I am not experiencing my theology, my issue is most likely my heart, not my theology.  Therefore, if my theology is rooted in God’s Word, I need to ask God to change the position of my heart. If my experience of God is not consistent with the God we see in Scripture, then my theology is probably not biblical and negatively effecting my experience. My biblical understanding of who God is, will often determine how I respond and how I feel about God and my circumstances. Therefore, I need to immerse my life in His Word and pray that God would allow the truth of His Word to shape my knowledge of who He is. As I continue to trust and have faith and hold fast to the faith He has given to me and submit to my loving Father and His Word, I will experience biblical theology. When I meditate on God’s glory as revealed in His Word,  it positions my heart in surrender to His truth. In a culture plagued by a “follow your heart” mentality we must be cautious that we do not fall prey to experientialism. How we feel must not define how we understand God. Our knowledge of God must come from the Scripture alone. When our theology is rooted in the Word of God it will naturally lead us to worship God, instead of experience. Theology leads to doxology, and our doxology will lead us back to theology.

When our theology is rooted in the Word of God it will naturally lead us to worship God…


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