Sanctity of Life
  • 17600 n black canyon hwy
    Phoenix AZ

  • DBCC Sanctuary

Sanctity of Life

Abortion is a very important topic of discussion. Especially, in light of what is happening in our nation and around the world.  How can we think biblically about this topic?
Join us for a 5-week training on the sanctity of life.
DB is honored to have international trainer and author, John Ensor on the first night of training. John and his team do training currently
in several countries including China, Cuba, Vietnam,
Ghana and Columbia. The next 4 sessions will be taught by international trainers, Dale and Theresa Crull.  They will be taking
the 4 major topics John teaches, (bioethics/life in the
womb, the shedding of innocent blood, grace/healing and
forgiveness, What does God call us to do?) and expanding on them.
Come and join us for all 5-weeks. Any donation for snacks and materials will be accepted.


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