Junior High Summer Camp
  • Address: 1400 Paradise Valley Rd, Prescott, AZ 86303

Junior High Summer Camp

We’re returning to UCYC for another summer of God’s word and fellowship.

Several thousand years ago the country of Israel was God’s nation. The people of Israel followed Him and He was their king. They were an example to the whole world on how to follow God. However, something crazy happened. The people grew tired of following God and wanted a human king. Little did they know, they were exchanging the mighty for the weak.
God grants the Israelites their wish. They are given human kings. These kings constantly fail by sinning, disobeying, and allowing the Israelites to abandon God. But God is good. He cares for His people and just when He is needed most, He shows up again and again. Why? God is mighty.
We all do this. It is easy to exchange God for weaker things. We chase after popularity, social media follows, and whatever we think will make us mighty. Join us this summer at UCYC as we meet a mighty God, learn about His Kingdom of Israel, and discover how you play a part.


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