Conquer Series – Men
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Conquer Series – Men

Getting to the root of bondage that keeps men from living with sexual integrity is a battle. But in the Gospel there is hope. This battle is not to be fought alone. Equipped with incredible insight and biblical truths, The Conquer Series has helped over 1 million men and 70+ countries find freedom from the sin-centered sexual bondage they are in. You can find freedom like countless men. Thousands of marriages and families have been saved and restored. A lifetime of freedom with sexual integrity all starts with understanding your need, committing to fight the battle with the support of others, then gaining the proven principles and practical tools you need to succeed. You’ll find all that in the Conquer Series Volume 1 & 2. ($30 per man to cover materials)
In Conquer Series Volume 1 you’ll discover:
• Strongholds that keep men in bondage.
• The three keys to freedom.
• How to recalibrate and reprogram the brain.
• Daily practical techniques to remain free.
• Biblical strategies to renew the mind and much more.
Join facilitator Vernon Johnson with other men in this confidential support group on Saturday mornings beginning February 29th at 7am. You will go through Volumes 1 & 2 over a 11 week period. Vernon will inform you of meeting details and if there will be any breaks for holidays. We’re proud of you for taking your first step toward freedom.


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