Brothers & Burritos
  • 17600 N Black Canyon Highway #101
    Phoenix, Az 85053

  • Suite 107

Brothers & Burritos

Brother’s & Burritos – DBMen’s Breakfast
Dec 8th at 7:30am
Suite 107
Join us in taking our next strategic step to disciple every man we can. Hear the powerful testimony of DBMen’s Council member and MTS facilitator Larry Van Liew as he shares how his relationship with God and his relationships with a special group of brothers in Christ literally saved his life. Let the DBMen’s leadership help you develop vital men to men relationships we all need for growing in Christ and being equipped for the battle along the way. We will be sharing our FIRETEAMS ministry strategy and our plans for 2019 and beyond. “Real men need instruction” and “No Man Left behind”. It’s called discipleship.
Pricing and burrito choices: (Burrito Choices = Machaca and Egg, Chorizo and Egg or Potato and Egg)
One person – $10 (prompt – one burrito choice)
Supersize – $15 (prompt two burrito choices)
Father & Son – $15 (prompt two burrito choices)


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